Webinar: Enhancing Patient Outcomes with Advanced Analytics

November 5, 11:00am, CST - 12:00pm, CST


Presented in conjunction with Texas Health Resources

By utilizing automated analytic workflows and avoiding manual data wrangling, Texas Health Resources has driven higher analyst productivity and increased patient satisfaction.

This webinar discusses the platform THR leveraged to scale their analytics, expanding from 12 users to 115 analysts in less than a year, with measurable outcomes. Given the ability to dive deeper into the data, blend and prep across multiple healthcare IT systems, the team at THR ultimately reduced patient wait times, improved observation room efficiencies, and maximized provider reimbursement, all while ensuring better patient outcomes.


VP Enterprise Data and Analytics (CDO)
Texas Health Resources

Senior Director, Healthcare Solutions Strategy and Marketing

Join this live webinar to learn how to:

  • Enhance analyst and data scientist productivity
  • Scale analytics end-to-end, across the enterprise
  • Empower executives and Line of Business (LoB) leaders for right-time decisions
  • Deliver accurate, timely, actionable insights to clinicians, physicians and nurses
  • Improve operational efficiency and patient outcomes